Cusco with kids: create a little Pucara bull

From: $60.00

Create with your family a piece of art using Cusco colonial gilding techniques.

Monday – Saturday
10:00am – 12:00n
3:00pm – 5:00pm

Price US$
From 4 years old and up: $60
Under 4 years old: not recommended


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What will you do?

Do you want to know the history of Cusqueño art? What is syncretism and how did the fusion of Andean and Western culture happen? We will tell you the story. Then we will give you a Pucará bull, and we will teach you the famous technique of colonial Cusquenian gilding, where we will use bronze, copper and aluminum sheets, and you will also work with different materials and traditional and contemporary techniques. While we have a coffee or an infusion, we will talk about the importance of the Pucara bulls in the local popular culture.
At the end of the workshop you will take home the piece you created, and we will give you a bag of coffee from local coffee growers. For the children we will have a bar of organic chocolate, created by local women producers, who contribute to education and gender equity in the world of coffee in Cusco.
We will also tell you about how Totemiq, our Peruvian art collective, helps empower local women, creating job opportunities and helping to preserve the living culture in Peru.

Meeting Point

2 hrs

Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 12:00n
3:00pm - 5:00pm


How to get there

Calle Suecia 332

A little to the left of the Cusco Cathedral.

What is included in the price

A Ceramic Bull of Pucará
Artistic materials (sheets of bronze, copper, aluminum, acrylic paint, prints of Totemiq’s works in high quality and work tools)
Drink and snack
For adults 1 bag of 250gr of ground or bean coffee from the producer Consuelo Rubio or Sonia Solorzano
For children a bar of 100% artisanal organic chocolate produced by local producers
Mdf packaging

Does not include:



Language in which the experience is offered

Spanish, English

Things to consider

Wear clothing suitable for making crafts.

Learn about Host Totemiq / Berenice

I am a visual artist and cultural manager. In 2016 I founded the creative laboratory of Cusquenian artists Totemiq and the project Totemiq Experiences, dedicated to create Peruvian pieces of contemporary art and design. My proposal is linked to concepts of syncretism or miscegenation, and enhancement of popular art and traditional techniques of artistic production in Cusco. I also offer tourist experiences aligned with local art, uniting tradition, contemporaneity and living culture.

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Cancellation Policy

Up to 48 hours prior