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Volcanos of lake Atitlan | Lake Atitlan | Guatemala
History and Culture

Creative fire and forgotten promises on lake Atitlan

Returning to the lake after 10 years I’m reminded again of how unique an experience…
History and Culture

The Surprising Origins of 5 Traditional Peruvian Clothing Items

Although the Andes mountains span the South American continent from Venezuela to Patagonia, the term…
History and Culture

The Ancient Art of Peruvian Ceramics

The ancient history of Peruvian ceramics begins with the Chavín culture, which flourished more than…
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History and Culture
The power of awe: discover its benefits as you explore different culture
Tips for your Trip
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Nature and HIking
Day Hiking in Peru’s Sacred Valley: Seven Priorities
History and Culture
Travel Experiences: The Best Language Teacher
Bruce riding a camel in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan
Travel philosophy
Slow Travel: A Journey of Risk and Renewal