Colonial art workshop in Cusco

From: $105.00

Learn traditional techniques such as colonial glazed pottery and colonial Cusco gilding from the hand of a local artist.

Monday to Sunday
09:00am – 12:00n
3:00pm – 6:00pm

Price US$pp min 2 pax.
From 4 years old and up: $105
Under 4 years old: not recommended


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What will you do?

Become a Cusco artist for a day. Learn in a participatory way with local artists, two of Cusco’s traditional art techniques: glazed ceramics and colonial Cusco gilding.
Meanwhile, we will teach you how to make the Torito de Pucará -the guardian of the Andes-, and you will learn about its origin and history. You will learn about the processes of glazed ceramics – lining, enameling and painting – and then we will work with sheets of bronze, aluminum, copper and acrylic paint in intense colors: the technique of Cusquenian Colonial Gilding. At the end, you’ll take home your own work of art: two little bulls from Pucará.

Meeting Point

3 hrs

Monday to Saturday
09:00am - 12:00n
3:00pm - 6:00pm


How to get there

Calle Siete Mascarones 1132 – Santiago de Cusco, Cusco city.
Two and a half blocks from the Plaza Santiago.

What is included in the price

Two ceramic Pucara Bulls.
Artistic materials to embellish the ceramic pieces (bronze sheets, copper, aluminum, acrylic paint, paints and working tools).
Mdf packaging.

Does not include:



Language in which the experience is offered

Spanish, English

Things to consider

It is recommended to leave the center of Cusco 20 – 25 minutes in advance to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the experience.

Learn about host Totemiq / Berenice

I am a visual artist and cultural manager. In 2016 I founded the creative laboratory of Cusquenian artists Totemiq and the project Totemiq Experiences, dedicated to create Peruvian pieces of contemporary art and design. My proposal is linked to concepts of syncretism or miscegenation, and enhancement of popular art and traditional techniques of artistic production in Cusco. I also offer tourist experiences aligned with local art, uniting tradition, contemporaneity and living culture.

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Cancellation Policy

48 hours before scheduled time